About Us


Who we are?

Tawakkal Fish Hatchery & Farm was established in 1995, at Muzaffar Garh, Punjab, Pakistan, tobproduce high quality fish. Since then, the company has grown rapidly to become one of Pakistan’s top producers and marketers of fresh water farmed fish.

Our vision and commitment to produce healthy and hygienically safe fish and supplying it in the market through cool chain has contributed to the company’s position at the forefront of the Pakistan aquaculture industry.


Muzaffar Garh District’s plain areas, with their combination of excellent soil texture, suitable climate and abundant fresh water source, create perfect growing conditions for quality aquaculture product.

Couple of these favorable conditions with the expertise of Tawakkal Fish Farm personnel, enhanced by the relationships they have with other renowned research and marketing organizations, and the results are quality fish products which meet the high standards.


We keep record from the parent brood stock to the harvest and suppl.


  • We provide quality fish and deliver high levels of service.
  • We offer fresh fish and frozen fish to trade customers.
  • We deliver to our customers seven days a week.

Our organization is supplying fresh water farmed fish to Metro Cash & Carry Pakistan since 2007.

During the harvesting, processing and cool supply chain, good hygiene practices are strictly   observe. Cleanliness and waste management procedure has been developed.